Hi everybody! I'm Ethan White. I like to play video games. Especially SM64. And Releasio, because it's THE BEST!!! I also do programming.

This is my main(?) website, EthanGaming.


Ethan Video Game Development - My blog for video games I program.
The Famiclone Blog - On this blog, I write about bootleg NES and Famicom video games I own.
My YouTube - My YouTube channel. I upload mostly Super Mario 64 videos, some TAS videos, and sometimes other random video game stuff.
SM64 TAS Blog - A blog where I write about TASing Super Mario 64.


Email me at OR, send me a message on one of these forums:
Famicom World: HummerTeam1001 forums: EthanWhite (nvm, that website no longer exists ):)
NintendoAge: HummerTeam1001
Discord: Ethan White#3798