I archive web pages and stuff (mainly Super Mario 64 content). I will continue to add things to this page.


I do not own any of this content. I am only reuploading it here for preservation in case the originals are taken down someday for whatever reason. If you do not want your content hosted here, please contact me and I will remove it from the site as soon as possible. It is not my intention to steal or take credit for this content, and I always link to the original creators. I request permission from the creators of websites and FAQs whenever possible.


(NES) Moai-Kun- Unused features - A video by Lucky Bacon, originally uploaded May 20th, 2003. About unused content in the Japanese-exclusive NES game Moai-Kun. But it's not up anymore since it got a copyright strike.

Dargos Video Archive 1 - Some SM64 TAS videos posted by Dargos on his YouTube channel. Most of them are no longer public.

WALKTHROUGHS/FAQS - Archive of an old SM64 walkthrough from 1997. You can see the original here.

Robbie Smith SM64 Complete Walthrough - Full-game walkthrough made by Robbie Smith. Dated March 28, 1999. Was posted to on February 5th 2002.

Creepy Mystery Of Super Mario 64 - Short FAQ with false rumors about SM64 and some glitches. Was posted to on October 15th 2002.


Jimmy130's Blog - Archive of Jimmy130's now-defunct French blog from February 13th, 2015 and before. Includes information about the 64DD version of Super Mario 64 that was not crawled by the WayBack Machine. Stored in Safari's .webarchive format.
Jimmy130's SM64 Disk Version Images - The full resolution images of Super Mario 64 Disk Version that Jimmy130 posted on his blog.

TCRF SM64 Pages - Archive of the SM64-related pages on The Cutting Room Floor saved on March 21st, 2015. Stored in Safari's .webarchive format.

Dom Dunc's System Crash - Archive of Dom Dunc's System Crash.
Dom Dunc's System Crash SM64 Beta - Archive of the System Crash page on SM64 Beta

MegaManWorld SM64 Beta Page - Archive of a page on MegaManWorld about Super Mario 64 Beta.
MegaManWorld SM64 Beta Page 2 - Archive of another page on MegaManWorld about Super Mario 64 Beta.

Moogy's Nintendo 64 Codes and Cheats - page made by user Moogy that was crawled by the WayBack Machine on Dec 05, 1998. Contains glitches and tricks for various n64 games. Some of the SM64 ones seem to be incorrect, though.

Kevin's Super Mario 64 page - Angelfire site made by Kevin Zhu (nucleargamer12). Contains a walkthrough of SM64, a list of Mario's moves, and more. You can go to the original site here.

Banjo's Backpack - Archive of Banjo's Backpack, the Banjo Kazooie rom hacking website. There is some SM64 talk on the forums. Retrieved Dec 20, 2017.

SM64 GameFAQs Board - Archive of the entire GameFAQs Super Mario 64 Message Board as it was the day archived. Some things were discovered here. Retrieved Dec 20, 2017.

Angelfire Sites - Archive of a bunch of video game-related Angelfire websites. Many of them mention Super Mario 64.

James S' Kingdom - Archive of James S' Kingdom (Yoshielectron's Google Site). Saved December 22nd, 2017.

Messiaen64 - Archive of Frauber/Messiaen64's Google Site. Saved December 23rd, 2017. - Archive of, Brightguy's Super Mario 64 website.

Giraffecheetah's Super Mario Galaxy Forum - Archive of Giraffecheetah's Super Mario Galaxy forum. You can go to the original site here.

Discord History Tracker - Archive of the Discord History Tracker. If the original site ever went down, it would be difficult to view downloaded Discord logs. sm64 thread - Archive of the forum thread for SM64 Speedrunning. Saved on January 5th, 2018. Among many other things, it includes when Myles admitted to splicing his 16 star run.

Neoseeker SM64 Board - Archive of the Neoseeker SM64 Forum. Saved January 17th, 2018. Original here.

The Luigi In Super Mario 64 Messageboard - Partial archive of the The Luigi In Super Mario 64 Messageboard, mirrored from the WayBack Machine.