==Secrets of SM64, Part 7==

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User Info: Neoscorch

9 years ago#491


TTC - going out of the walls and then landing on a block which pushes you (if time is on). The block is in both sides of the wall.

User Info: mapler90210

9 years ago#492
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Neoscorch

9 years ago#493


More hidden grounds (name taken from ShadowofMyles' earlier Hidden Ground) in HMC accessed from the first one by BLJ.

User Info: Neoscorch

9 years ago#494

TAS - not sure if it's been found or not:

4 new BLJ's in RR, by firstly BLJ'ing on the carpet into one of the pillars on the corners of the house, then BLJ'ing on the invisible walls inside them, and then accessing each of the other pillars by BLJ'ing in each of them.


User Info: chewbaccas_alt

9 years ago#495
I found a glitch that I don't think has been found. I was just trying out BLJing on the Big Boo's haunt elevator. I found that if you stand near the front of the elevator as it goes up and press forward to climb off it at just the right time near the top, Mario's head will get stuck in the ceiling. As long as you keep pressing foward, his head will stay caught up there, but as soon as you jump or stop pushing move he will fall. however, after you fall you'll notice that the elevator is back to the bottom. While Mario's head was stuck the elevator stayed at the top. Was the elevator in two places at once? I know it's a minor glitch but I thought it was a decent find.

User Info: MeatyDoughnut

9 years ago#496
Alot of new ones here.

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User Info: crazy_crazy1

9 years ago#497
This thread is slowing down a lot.. will there ever be a big discovery like BLJ or 0 star completion again?

User Info: sm64pro

9 years ago#498
We have already figured out how to beat the game with zero stars, I suppose the next greatest accomplishment is to beat the game with 1 key (highly unlikely).

User Info: _Kidlat_

9 years ago#499
Maybe it's time to move on to another game
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User Info: sm64pro

9 years ago#500
No, this game probably has many glitches left in it, we shouldn't go to another game (sorry for taking the 500th post, but I had to say that).
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