==Secrets of SM64, Part 7==

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User Info: mr_roberts_z

10 years ago#1
After a refreshing purge, Secrets of Super Mario 64 is back for Part 7...again! Here's the unedited text from the purged topic:

A couple people (including Brightguy) urged me to make the Seventh topic; I'll start with a review of the most major glitches that were discovered in the last topic:


The Lobby Glitch (Discovered by mr_roberts_z)
There's a hole in the polygons that comprise the walls of the stairs leading to the basement (similar to the shortcut in the stairs going up to the second floor) which allows Mario to enter either one of the pillars with the coins on top in the lobby. Behind these pillars are invisible walls, which allow Mario to BLJ on them. Mario can build up enough speed to zoom out of the pillars, and right through thr doors of any room in the lobby...Including the door that leads to Bowser 1. As a result, it is now possible to beat Bowser 1 with no stars, and following that, get into the basement with no stars. This takes us one step closer to beating the game with 1 star (or less?).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1fNwSGT0bA (Played by Mitjitsu)

There were quite a few great finds in the last topic, but unfortunately, no very major glitches. Many glitches have already been found, and it seems that there are fewer and fewer ones steill to be found. Nevertheless, the Secrets must continue. Brightguy asked me to start with a couple new Secrets if I had any, so I managed to find three that I'm fairly confident haven't been found...

Weird Sign in BoB
There's something strange about one of the signs in BoB near the tall metal cage. You can walk through the "board" with the arrow sign on it (like most of the signs), but the stick that holds it up seems to be a very tall, thin invisible wall. If you aim correctly, it is possible to BLJ on either side of it and gain a little speed.


Merge Into Ship Wall in JRB
If you drain the ship in JRB, there are a few weirdly shaped walls close to the first chest that you open. One of them seems so have the properties of an invisible wall, at it's very possible to BLJ on it. I tried this, and after BLJing for almost a minute, I somehow merged with the wall behind Mario. It was like BLJing on an elevator, being in a state where you can't jump or move around. However, when I tried to cancel out the momentum like normal, it wouldn't let me, and I was stuck until I exited the level. It's possible that BLJing at the right angle could launch Mario into the Secret Lagoon.


New "Stomp on the Thwomp" Record
If anyone remembers my "time-saving TTC manoeuvre” from the previous topic, you'll see what I did here. It's not perfect, and there's plenty of room for improvement, but it beats Jacob Cannon's previous record (0:48, according to Curtis Bright's site) by almost ten seconds. There are quite a few mistakes, but the video is intended to show the method that could be used to get it perfect.


The Top of the Waterfall
I was messing around in TTM a little, and I noticed this. At the very top of the waterfall (right beside where Ukiki/the first star is), there’s a dark black line, which I believe is another gap in the polygons that make up the mountain. By just kicking yourself through it (by sliding and kicking on the short slope), you can fall through the mountain to your death. Or, if while falling, you dive in the correct place, you can land behind the area where the “bad” Ukiki usually is. You can also get here by LJing into the mountain at the beginning.


Well, that's all I have for now, but hopefully this Topic will yield many interesting new glitches and tricks.


User Info: mr_roberts_z

10 years ago#2

PS: With the discovery of the Lobby Glitch, it seems that we’re much closer to beating the game with one star. You can help; if you’re bored, go anywhere in the basement, and try BLJing* on any random spot. A single spot could gain us enough speed to get straight through the door that leads to DDD and Bowser 2. The basement is big; there’s gotta be one spot in it.

Anyway, for more information on previously found glitches, you can visit these websites:

www.sm64.com - Brightguy’s site, who, to my knowledge, has archived every secrets topic to date
www.systemcrash.tk - Dom Dunc’s site, which has detailed explanations and videos of most of the famous glitches found so far
http://billygard.home.comcast.net/mario/ - Bullet Bill’s site, which probably has the largest library of glitches, secrets, and tricks in SM64 on the net

*To BLJ, simply perform a regular Long Jump, but hold back the analog stick instead of pressing forward. When you’re in the right spot to gain speed, gently and evenly hammer A, whilst holding Z.

Happy hunting...

Oh, and join my Video Quiz.
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User Info: bob742omb

10 years ago#3
Wow, the 7th secrets topic already? This game is that glitchy?

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User Info: IAmTheOwlishOne

10 years ago#5
There were tons of glitches in this game. Still are, actually.

that is half the reason I love this game so much.
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User Info: RoughitforGreen

10 years ago#6
Every game as a million glitches that eek their way through production, it's just very few games are as enjoyable and therefore get played as much as SM64 has. To be honest, I am surprised there aren't thousands more, considering how ambitious this project was.

User Info: bob742omb

10 years ago#7
|).\_/.|)../......|.|_..|).\_/.|..|.|) ~Lolo_Guru

User Info: PwnerofFF

10 years ago#8
I think I discovered something. I got into the stairs inside the WF room. The first flight of stairs. Link(too lazy to cut it out) http://dehacked.2y.net/microstorage.php/info/4188/FFPwner%20%7E%2016%20Star%20TAS.m64

It's at the end.
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User Info: Silent_Slayers

10 years ago#9
I've already done that.
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User Info: Ultimaximus

10 years ago#10
I know an interesting method of the 255 coins in Bob-omb Battlefield. If you go to star 2, pick up a bob-omb, talk to KTQ right before it explodes and say no, and tap B to throw, it will blow up and you'll have the giant bob-omb for the trick. To get to KTQ fast enough, you'll need to jump but talk to him right before it explodes.
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