What was your 120th star?

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User Info: SyxxPakk6

10 months ago#1
I remember way back on N64 the last start I had issues with was one of the coin ones in Tick Tock Clock
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User Info: Person106

10 months ago#2
No idea. I beat it in ancient times.

User Info: 48agent

10 months ago#3
I really can't remember and I beat it only a few years ago

It was probably a 100 coins star, or it might have been the rainbow secret stage I might have put off until last.

User Info: goldenraven20

10 months ago#4
I think it was the Wing Mario Over the Rainbow stage, but I don't remember exactly. That was probably the hardest due to the flying controls.

User Info: Nin3DSFan

10 months ago#5
Knowing me, it was probably something early, like Blast Away The Wall.
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User Info: Distant_Rainbow

10 months ago#6
100 coins in Rainbow Ride.
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User Info: MI4 REAL

10 months ago#7
Person106 posted...
No idea. I beat it in ancient times.
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