L Is Real 2401

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User Info: JetInMoonX

7 months ago#1
Guys, people have totally busted this. What happens, it predicts PMTTYD Launchment. L is real [in] 2/4/01. That is nearly TTYD date. So, Luigi is real in 2/4/01 or Luigi is real in PMTTYD/Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. So, you already know the truth about this rumor. Bye!

User Info: MorbidEngel

7 months ago#2
You're giving them a lot of credit to hint at a release 5 years down the line on a system that probably wasn't planned at the time.

The N64 was brand new in 1996 don't forget.
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User Info: JetInMoonX

7 months ago#3
You know, it could always be a coincidence.

User Info: BanjoDude98

7 months ago#4
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User Info: HylianFox

7 months ago#5
even with all the N64's blurriness I knew it read "An Eternal Star"
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
6 months ago#6
People are still talking about this?
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