Rip Mario's hat

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User Info: enbizaka

1 month ago#1
It's been years since I've played. I don't know where his cap is.

It will be missed.

User Info: Nin3DSFan

1 month ago#2
Have you looked behind the sofa? Maybe it fell behind a wardrobe.

Seriously, the only place it's likely to be is "In the Talons of the Big Bird" (lol), or somewhere in Snowman's Land.... or Tall, Tall Mountain... on Ukiki (am I the only one who actually remembers the name of that monkey?) -- Countdown to Nintendo Switch release (UTC).
Don't forget to adjust according to your time zone. E.g., NY will be +5 hours.

User Info: moooody

1 month ago#3
I remember losing my hat when this first came out. It had been a few days since I'd played and had no idea where it could be. I'm running through the snowman level and a snowman pops up wearing my hat. I really couldn't believe it and thought it was hilarious!

User Info: DSkillz

1 month ago#4
Actually, if you lose your hat in a level and then leave, a character is either going to be wearing the hat or (in the case of Klepto) carrying it once you reenter said level.

I haven't played SM 64 in about a decade and I still remember that.

User Info: teflon

1 month ago#5
Consider it hard mode.
"Japanman is a nice name."-PsykopijonSnowball3
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