How many stars can you get in a Pacifist Run of the game?

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User Info: prinzenick

1 month ago#1
Ive been playing this game again, and just to shake things up, I played through it up to Bowser in the Sky without killing/hurting a single enemy or fighting a boss (excluding Bowser). I am curious to how many stars this approach cuts the player off of though. Some stars are simply trickier to get, while others are harder or just seem impossible to get, such as the 100 Coin Star in Lethal Lava Land. Bob Omb Battlefield cuts you off from the cannon if you refuse to fight King Bob Omb--same with Whomps Fortress. I'm not sure if its possible to get the "Mario Wings to the Sky" star with only the Wing Cap but no cannon. Big Boos Haunt is flat out unbeatable unless you use a tough wall kick trick in the piano room or the BLJ glitch to access the second floor or roof.

Has anyone else tried a run like this? Does anyone know the number of stars you can get with or without glitch exploitation?

User Info: Gali1of1the1sea

1 month ago#2
Let's look at this level by level:

Bob-Omb Battlefield: You can never get stars 1 or 2. You can get stars 3 and 4 with a somewhat-tricky long jump to the floating island, and star 6 easily. You can only get star 5 with TAS-level BLJ's.
There are 118 non-enemy coins in this level: 45 of them are coin rings from the floating island. I know you can't reach the highest ring without the cannon (or TAS BLJ's), but I'm certain you can reach at least the first three. There should be enough coins to get 100 without the cannon, but I'm not positive on that one.
(4?)/7 stars; 5/7 with TAS glitches

Whomp's Fortress: You can never get stars 1 or 2. Stars 3 and 4 are still easy. Star 5 can be gotten with a tricky wall kick, and star 6 can be gotten by clipping into the wall.
There are 106 coins you can get without killing enemies.
4/7 stars; 5/7 stars with glitches

Jolly Roger Bay: No tricks in this one: You can get every star easily, since there are 101 coins without killing enemies.
7/7 stars

Cool, Cool Mountain: No tricks here either.
7/7 stars

Big Boo's Haunt: Can you even enter the level, since you have to kill a Boo to get in? If so, you clearly can't get stars 1, 2, 5, or 6. Stars 3 and 4 are easy to get, but you can't get the 100 coin star without killing many enemies.
2/7 stars

Hazy Maze Cave: No real tricks here, but there are only 92 non-enemy coins.
6/7 stars

Lethal Lava Land: You can't get stars 1 or 2 at all, but everything else is straightforward.
5/7 stars

Shifting Sand Land: I'm going to assume hitting Klepto counts against a pacifist run, so star 1 is impossible. 4 is impossible too, and there are only 86 non-enemy coins in this course.
4/7 stars

Dire Dire Docks: Trivial: There are no enemies in the level to kill.
7/7 stars

Snowman's Land: Can't get star 2, and you'll have to take an alternate path to get star 4, but everything else is simple. Can't get the 100 coin star though, since you can only access 58 coins.
5/7 stars

Wet-Dry World: No real enemies in your way here. You can easily get all of the stars.
7/7 stars

Tall, Tall Mountain: I'll assume that catching the Ukiki doesn't count against pacifism, so you can get all stars easily.
7/7 stars

Tiny Huge Island: We can't get star 1 here, or star 6. Without clearing star 1, we can never access star 3. And there aren't enough coins in the level for the 100 coin star.
3/7 stars

Tick Tock Clock: No real enemies here aside from some Bob-ombs we can ignore.
7/7 stars

Rainbow Ride: We can ignore all of the enemies easily here.
7/7 stars

Castle Secret Stars: We can easily get all of these without hurting any enemies, unless you count picking up MIPS as un-pacifist.

TOTAL: 97/120 stars. 98/120 if we allow glitches. 99/120 using TAS.
No true gamer is satisfied with merely beating a game 100%

User Info: prinzenick

1 month ago#3
Thank you so much! This is very helpful! I'm a little dissapointed to find out that "Mario Wings to the Sky" is unbeatable without the cannon or glitches/tool-assisting, but I guess I shouldve seen that coming.

The fact that you have to kill a Boo to get into Big Boos Haunt is a great point raised. I don't think grabbing Ukiki or MIPS counts as hurting them, but I think its safe to say that jumping into Klepto to force him to drop the star is.

User Info: este914

1 month ago#4
Well damn

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