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Kevin's Super Mario 64 page

Kevin's Super Mario 64 page

My Super Mario 64 page is a guide for all Super Mario 64 players who need help getting stars and unlocking the secrets. There is a detailed walkthrough, a guide to the secrets and much more helpful info; check out the Contents section below. If, for some reason, you want to copy any part of my walkthrough/images and put them on your site, AOL instant message me, Kevin Zhu, screename nucleargamer12. Alternatively, email is ok; my email address is nucleargamer12 [at] Please give me full credit and a link to my site is appreciated. Thanks!

A quick note to viewing the guide: if you find the text too small to read, it is possible to increase the font on your computer by holding [Alt] and pressing [V], [X], [L] one after another on the keyboard (Internet Explorer only).


4/10/06 A Spoiler-free Walkthrough has been added to the archives. Check there if you want a tip or two for a star you're missing. By popular request, I've decided to continue updating the detailed walkthrough; stay tuned for updates.

10/4/05 No update today, I just wanted to introduce my new project, Game Guide Galaxy. It's a place where I will store all the walkthroughs I've made (including this one) for all to view. Take a look and send me your comments.


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