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Kevin's Super Mario 64 page

Kevin's Super Mario 64 page

The Story of Mario 64

It had been a while since Bowser, the feared King of the Koopas, has caused any trouble to the Mushroom Kingdom and its loyal citizens. Princess Peach Toadstool, the proud leader of Mushroom Kingdom, had some free time at hand and started to build her own castle. Located in the center of her Kingdom, the palace, later known as Peach's Castle, was huge.
It had towering gray walls on every side and a stained-glass replica of the princess in the middle. The princess hung countless paintings inside, many resembling the scenes of Mushroom Kingdom itself. Wary of the Koopa King raiding her beloved palace, she secured the castle with the power of 120 power stars, hidden inside the paintings.

One day, Peach sent her boyfriend Mario an invitation to her new castle and, knowing his appetite, baked a cake for him.

"Dear Mario:
Please come to the
castle. I've baked
a cake for you.
Yours truly--
Princess Toadstool

Little did she know, Bowser had evesdropped on her plans, and soon took over the castle! The mighty Koopa grabbed all the power stars he could, hid them, and locked Peach away inside the castle's stained glass wall. He also trapped all of the princess's retainers in the castle walls, and filled the paintings full of nasty enemies to guard the stars.

Meanwhile, our hero Mario just arrives at the castle, having recieved his invitation, but It doesn't take him long to sense an eerie quietness in the place. "Something's not right here," Mario says to himself. He quickly runs to the castle doors. Upon entering the castle, he is greeted by an unwelcoming voice. "No one's home! Now scram! Bwa ha ha." Mario begins searching the castle. He comes to an unlocked door and walks inside. Hanging on the wall was the grandest painting Mario had seen. Upon touching the giant painting, he hears a strange sound...

Without a second thought, Mario jumps into the painting.
To his surprise, he is transported to another world!

Mario soon learns of the Power stars that protect the castle and of the mysterious beast who stole them. "A plan this cunning...This must be the work of Bowser!" Mario correctly deduces. Our hero will have to use his wits and strength to collect all the power stars and restore peace in Peach's castle... Do you have what it takes?