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Thursday, 22-Apr-1999 16:58:48 writes:

    the way

    by M.M.M.

    the prisess picture never changes it's color in a color changing code...every other thing that doesn't change doesn't change because of the wrinkle it has to produce when you jump in a picture...or the scatter of the peices when you break open that box..or when you stomp on a pillar, or open a door! why doesn't the prinsess pic change?...well lets see,

    1. ever wonder why it has seams and edges cut though the middle of it...

    2. or the wall is fake right behind it (castle glich)

    3. or it doesn't ever change when you put in a color change!!!!!

    4. or why it respnds like a door in color or code effect?

    well it's not a normal window is it?

    my theory is (Was) that before they changed it...the tree blocking the picture from the cannon did'nt exist...and your tripple jump could somhow be taken in the canon with you so you were shot when seeing the stars. then you would hit the picture and it would...break. I didn't know where to take my theory next untill yesterday (the day before yesterday when you probally read this)

    I had just started my game and wanted to fool around in wing cap I reached the sun platform I realized my own shadow i could see somthing in the sun... It was like a guide line of some sort..almost the way the 3rd bowser warzone looks like before he breaks it into the shape of the star..the lines that look like this -------- it took me a while but I remembered my theory...and so here is my final hypo...

    once opon a time mario had 120 stars and had a nice conversation with yoshi..his jump had stars now...and he had 100 lives ...but he felt empty inside.......I ain't doing this i'll just tell you

    1. jump in you cannon and aim for the prinses picture somwhere clue where
    2. crack the pic and go inside..
    3. come out the other end with stars blazing and land on the brake the sun platform like in whomps fortrase (1up in wall)
    4. find somthing......good ,another star...or the G.O (green one)

    thats the way it could have been...but obiosly they have stripped all possible ability to break the glass,stuck that ugly tree in the way and screwed us...the place behind the picture (castle glich..) probally housed a secret and when taking it out have screwed us all the whoms fortrase when you blast away the wall is a good example of the way it coulda been.

    final thought...the picture and sun have many a thing in common....they both arn't effected the least in color pictures...until I find out why they have the properties of a "interactable" object..I will sleep with one eye opened... WE WILL FIGURE THIS CRAP OUT AND PIECE THIS POOP TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'll need the best men to try this


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M.M.M.: BY GOD!!!!! I FIGURED THIS CRAP OUT!!!!!! (22-Apr-1999 16:58:48)

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