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Saturday, 24-Apr-1999 23:27:34 writes:

    ...What we need is a GameShark code that extracts clipping. Clipping is, in programming, the consept that keeps walls walls and barriers barriers. By removing clipping we would be able to travel through all barriers and objects in SM64 as though Mario was a "ghost".

    A No Clipping GS code shouldn't be difficult to find. I have one for almost EVERY shooter on my site. It shouldn't be hard to develope one for SM64.

    We already have a "See Through Walls" code. Now we just need to apply these standards to Mario. We could search behind places like the seaweed netting that the Eel emerges from.

    What do you say?
    GSCCC and Area 64 would be great sites to start out with(they both teach how to create codes). I have forgotten the URL's for both and if you are really dedicated which you aren't, I'll look them up for you.


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