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Bowser's Ship and Sub...
Tuesday, 27-Apr-1999 19:52:51 writes:

    ...I've wondered about that huge ship in Rainbow Ride, too. Although nothing seems peculiar, the crow's nest might hold some signifigance. I mean, has anyone ever actually managed to get onto it without accidentally catching the star and exiting the level? Maybe there's a warp on it.
    Oh, and the sub. I remember SMB3, in fact I have it, beat it a few million times(can't seem to beat world 7 though, always have to use the warp). The point is there was an enemy airship at the end of each level. Maybe the sub is representing all of those put together, forming the final ship.
    Like the main idea of Mario Party, each of the Super Mario characters looking back on all they've done and taking a break to party(without alcohol, unfortunetly).


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WaveLength: Bowser's Ship and Sub... (27-Apr-1999 19:52:51)

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