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LethĪl LĪvĪ LĪnd
Sunday, 25-Apr-1999 13:06:58 writes:

    The other day in in LethĪl LĪvĪ LĪnd, I walked up the lĪvĪ fall for about 5 Mario ft. and then I burned my butt on the lĪvĪ. It doesn't mean anything, but is is cool. Try it some time. And also, the different angles you look at the top of the volcano, you see different things, sort of. It looks like a red cloud to me. Anyway, I've had a dream too. I was MÄrio, and I was walking around a used car lot, and I hopped into the car and there was Luigi...maybe it's a clue...

    Just because you have a dream, doesn't mean it is the one sure-fire way to reach Luigi, it is just entertainment. So I don't mind reading the dreams, I just don't want to waste my time trying the on the game, because they won't work. No offense to anybody that has posted these.



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