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Luigi, Bowser's sub, do we see a connection here?
Tuesday, 27-Apr-1999 22:09:38 writes:

    I've read tons of fake Luigi codes that say that Luigi was taken by the hammer brothers, Bowser, ect. Maybe Luigi was taken hostage by Bowser and put in the sub. Maybe that explains why it leaves after you get the 1st star in the level.

    Also... what the heck is it for anyway? Putting a huge object like that in a level just to get 1 lousy star, don't you think that is a waste of memory?
    I support your ideas WaveLength

    P.S. I have decided to leave more messages ^_^


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Metaknight: Luigi, Bowser's sub, do we see a connection here? (27-Apr-1999 22:09:38)

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