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Thursday, 22-Apr-1999 21:11:16 writes:

    This crap you found really is a piece of crap, because both the sun and the Peach Window are interactable objects. When mario stands on the sun, the game needs to know the coordinates of where mario is standing on the sun (Remeber you need to stand on the middle of the sun to get to the wing cap stage.) so he execute the wing cap stage command. Now the peach window is a different story, and much more complicated, It may have once been breakable, only the programmers may have been in a hurry and never got to finish it so the took the break command out but the window stayed as an interactive object, OR it may still be interactive because peach does come out of the window in the end, all I know is that they didn't put any secret level behind there because
    1. This would mean no Luigi
    2. It would suck anyway and no one would care.
    3. I would have found it a loooooooong time ago.

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M.M.M.: BY GOD!!!!! I FIGURED THIS CRAP OUT!!!!!! (22-Apr-1999 16:58:48)

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