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Rocket Mario?
Friday, 23-Apr-1999 16:14:51 writes:

    Hey! I was wondering if any of you still had the Gameshark code for SM64. I wanna fool around with it a bit.

    By the way, since there's a lot of talk about Luigi dreams, I guess I'll tell you about mine.

    It was pretty weird. I turned my N64 on (NOW THAT'S WEIRD!!!!), and I started pinching Mario. After a little while, I noticed a little something on the right side of his head. I managed to pinch it, and as I was pulling on it, Luigi's head was coming out.

    Ok, maybe not too strange...

    Finally, does anyone have the current address for the GSCCC (Gameshark Code Creators Club)?! I typed in and what I saw was quite different.



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GBF: Rocket Mario? (23-Apr-1999 16:14:51)

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