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Weird Dream!!!!!!!
Saturday, 24-Apr-1999 23:34:39 writes:

    OK, i was in tall tall mountain and i dreamt that i did what viper said and threw a bomb omb and it changed into something. the first changed into a toad.he walked around for a while and i got bored so i did it with another bombomb. he then turned into a very large turtle larger than the one that you race.then i threw another one and it worked again but this time, it was a giant mario with a weird blue and white suit on.....continuing to get very lucky, i threw another and a luigi slightly larger than mario appeared and ran off. i chased him up the mountain like the race with turtle dude and when i reached him, a huge star arose from his head.when i got it, my star count was reset to 1 instead of going to 121! i got really mad and i stood up, tripped over and when i hit the floor in my dream, i awoke in my bed. i then wrote this down right away.if anyone has a theory about this, please tell me!


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