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Super Mario 64

Multiple Hats

This trick has been found to be accessible in two different levels so far. It allows Mario to make multiples of his hat, so he can use one as a weapon. In Snowman's Land, have your hat blown off by the giant snowman when crossing the bridge. Don't pick it up...just remember where it blew off. Next, from the area of the cannon, walk right, past the small snowman, and into the corner of the level. You should see a couple of trees. Stand by the one nearest the corner, and you should teleport. Teleport back and forth a few times, and then go see your hat. Pick up your hat, and there should still be one on the ground. Pick that one up too, and Mario will hold it in his hand. Push the punch button, and he will swing his hat. Unfortunately, you lose the hat weapon when you exit the level. If you save it without your hat on, when you enter the level again, the snowman in front of the cannon will be wearing it. In Shifting Sand Land, let the vulture take you hat. Kick him so he drops it, but don't pick it up. Stand by the tree in the water, and you should teleport. Teleport back and forth a few times, and then go see your hat. Pick up your hat, and there should still be one on the ground. Pick that one up too, and Mario will hold it in his hand. Push the punch button, and he will swing his hat. Unfortunately, you lost the hat weapon when you exit the level.

After getting 120 stars, go in the cannon outside on the castle grounds. Launch up onto the castle, and you will find Yoshi. Talk to him, and you will receive 100 extra lives. Your Triple Jump will also look different. From on top of the castle, you can use the Wing Cap. The only other change that has been discovered after 120 stars, is the penguin in the Penguin Race. He has put on a little weight since last time you saw him.

After beating Bowser, plug a controller into port 2. Use the analog control stick to maneuver the camera during the ending sequence.

If you want to find Yoshi you must get all 120 stars. Then a grate will open outside the castle and inside there will be a cannon. When you shoot yourself you will land by Yoshi. He will give you 100 guys.

Deform Mario

At the beginning screen, get the hand on the screen. Go to parts of Mario's face and pull.

Free Life

After you enter the pyramid there will be a green flashing light. If you jump right when the light flashes fifteen times you will get a free life. Everytime you get a life the light goes faster.

Imortal Mario

When Bowser breathes fire it becomes a coin. If you get 1000 of them then a green colored "M" will appear over the Mario at the top of the screen. It means that when you get a 1-UP you lose a life, but when your power runs out or when you fall of a high place you get another life.

Attack of the Killer Baby Penguin

On course 4, have Mario do a body attack by the baby penguin. The penguin will mimic Mario and do an attack.

Look Out for Mommy

On course 4 take the baby back to the mom but don't get the star. Take the baby away again and the mom will chase Mario.

Birdman Stage

On the first level go under the bridge and get the star that is there, you will go to the Birdman stage immediately.

Pilotwings 64


This trick will allow endless flying around Little States. Fly low above the northwest highway leading out of Cape Canaveral. On the left, you should see what looks like a gas station, with a Paradigm sign. Fly slowly around, until you hear a noise like taking off from a hoping pad. Another method is to fly under the roof of the small station in the little town near the nuclear power plant. Both will fill your tank, and can be done over and over. Pause the game and push up, down, left, right and then un-pause it, you will have unlimited fuel.

Night Flying

In the first Rocket Belt stage, follow the waterfalls leading up from the small pond near the beginning. Eventually, you will see a cave, which you must go in. Fly deep into the cave. You should see a metal grating. Stop right before you hit the metal grating, and you will be transported to a night version of the same level. Your mission objectives are still the same.

The Star

In the beginner level only (I think; I haven't gotten past the first level), there is a star under a little over hang of land. Getting it is the tough part. I prefer being the rocket belt. It takes a lot of practice, maneuvering, and a lot of point deductions, but it is well worth the trouble. When you finally get it, you will get wings and be able to fly like a bird.

Taking Pictures

When you are the hang glider, you have the oppurtunity to take pictures. I expiermented with this, and found that you can take some pretty funny pictures. You can still take pictures while you are in the middle of crashing!

Waverace 64

Dolphin Ride

This is a very cool trick that will allow you to ride a dolphin in Dolphin Park. Unfortunately, however, you can only use it during the warm-up mode. To access the dolphin, you must do every stunt in Dolphin Park and go through every ring in Stunt Mode. This includes:

If done correctly, you will hear a dolphin squeaking when you pass the finish line. Reset the system and you will see people riding around on dolphins in the intro. Select Normal Championship, and choose warm-up. When picking your rider, hold down on the control stick.

Change Racers' Colors

Here's a simple code that'll bring a little difference into the way your characters look. Go to the character select screen, and before choosing characters, push the analog stick or the D-pad up and hold it there -- the characters' outfits and jet ski bikes will change in color. The number on the bikes will also change.

This is actually the alternate color chosen by the computer in Two-player Mode. To make the change, hold the stick up and then press A or B to select your character. That's all for now -- keep checking back, we'll post them as we find them.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Unlimited Kredits

At the story screen, tap down, down, up, up, right, right, left, left on the control pad (or control stick). This will give you unlimited kredits.

Random Character Select

Stage Select

This is necessary in the use of Shao Kahn or Motaro. To pick your stage, move the cursor over Sonya Blade, and press start while holding up. The screen will shake. After you have picked your character(s), you will be prompted to choose the stage on which you wish to play.

Secret Characters

Red and Blue Question Marks

At the Story screen quickly tap hk, lk, rn, lp, hp, hp, hp, lp, lp to enable a variety of options. These options can be altered under the options menu. Simply choose either the red or blue question mark icon, and you will be able to change the way the game is played.

Ultimate Kombat Kode

To enter an Ultimate Kombat Kode at any time, simply rotate the control pad or analog control stick a couple of times clockwise at the Story screen or during a demo. It will go to the Kombat Kode screen as if you had just beat the game.

Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey


To view the credits, complimented with pictures, hit "A" 20 times at the title screen.

Invisible Players

During the opening face-off sequence, pause the game, and select replay. Make a player flash by pressing R or L and then press Z while they are flashing. This will cause that player to disappear. You can do this to more than one player, so you can make a whole team of invisible players.

Physical Attributes

During a game, access the Options menu. Hold any C button while you press R. 16 zeros will appear at the bottom of the screen, which can be changed by pressing different buttons. These numbers represent players head size, body size, and height. Play around and you can come up with some interesting combinations.

Two Player Practice

To play with two players in Practice mode, at the Main menu, highlight Practice mode with two controllers. Now both press and hold A, and you will both be playing in Practice.

In any non-play option menu, press the Z-trigger button and various sponsors will scroll across the bottom of the screen.

Killer Instinct Gold


To play as Gargos, wait for the character profiles to come up. Now press Z, A, R, Z, A, B and if entered correctly, you should hear Gargos laugh. He is now accessible at the character select screen in all but Team Elimination mode.

Random Character Select

Hold up and press START to randomly select your character.

Access all Colors

To be able to access all colors of any character without having to go through Practice mode (White, Shadow, and Gold), press Z, B, A, Z, A, L when the character profiles appear. You should hear the announcer say "Welcome!" For some cool glitches, try Gargos in the different color modes.

See the Credits

To see the Credits in KI Gold, wait for the character profiles to appear and then press Z, L, A, Z, A, R. This will bring you to the Credits, but you will not be able to see the ending sequences for each character.

Access all Options

To be able to access all of the options without having to beat the game on the harder difficulty levels, wait for the character profiles to come up, and then press Z, B, A, L, A, Z. You should hear the announcer say "Perfect!"

Glacious Infinite Combo

This is a real infinite combo. Use Glacious' liquidize and uppercut with a medium kick for the opener, and then press forward and fierce kick, keep repeating this and the combo will go on until the life bar is gone or the opponent breaks it (or unless your hands get tired). This can also be opened with the Cold Shoulder with a medium punch then forward and fierce kick.

Reach the Sky Level

When at the Character Select screen and in Two-player mode, (two controllers must be plugged in), hold down the analog joystick and press kick (the bottom C button) simultaneously. You should be able to play in the sky (just like with the arcade version).

100% Combos

Here's an easy way to get a 99% damage combo with every character that WILL save on the high damage tables:

Set EARLY ULTIMATES to ON in the level four options. This option lets you perform an Ultimate at any time on your opponent's second life bar. Deplete your opponent's first life bar. When they get up, perform any combo that ends with an Ultimate and all 99% of their second life bar will be drained. Easy 99% combo!

Make sure that KNOCKDOWNS are turned ON and CHEAP JUGGLES are turned OFF or the game won't allow you to register your initials.

Legends Score Explained

The LEGENDS score is simply the total of your STREAKS, FATALS, and SPEED rankings. Each entry in those categories is worth 1-10 points based on its order in the list. For example, if you are first in STREAKS you would have a LEGENDS score of 10. If you were first in STREAKS, second in FATALS, and third in SPEED you would have a LEGENDS score of 27 (10+9+8).

So the maximum LEGENDS score you can obtain is 165 points (your initials on all 10 spots in STREAKS, FATALS, and SPEED). Good luck. ;)

This is a little different than KI2 in the arcade as NO points are given for each character's # OF HITS and DAMAGE PERCENTAGE.

Enable All Options

The code is entered at any character profile screen Hit Z, B, A, L, A, Z. It will say "Perfect!" if you did it correctly.

View credits without beating Gargos

The code is entered at any character profile screen Hit Z, L, A, Z, A, R. You'll see the credits if you did it correctly.

Play Gargos

To play as Gargos in Killer Instinct Gold:
At the character history screens just type in Z, A, R, Z, A, B and you will here Gargos' laugh to know you did it right!

Change colors

To change the characters colors without beating the training mode:
At the character history screens just type in Z, B, A, Z, A, L and you will here a voice say 'welcome'

Random character

To choose a random character:
At the character selection screen simply hold up and push start!

See records screen

To see records screen:
At the main menu screen, push Z.

Cruisin' USA

Race Segments

At the Race Selection screen, hold the appropriate buttons to access the different levels.

Secret Vehicles

To access three secret cars, hold (upper) C, (left) C, and (lower) C, at the Car Selection Screen while highlighting the different cars. They will change into a police car, a jeep, and a bus.

Super Mario Kart

Mushroom Cup




Luigi Raceway


The road is smooth and the turns are wide and are great for power sliding. This track is great for beginners. Use some mushroom when you come out of the tunnel.

Moo Moo Farm


Moo Moo Farm features wide turns and big roadways, good for practicing power sliding which is probably the most important move in the game. Watch out on the overpass and the moles!

Koopa Troopa Beach


After the arch, go right, around the rock, and across the sandbar. Also, use a mushroom on the ramp that's in front of a big hole in the side of the rock for a big shortcut.

The slippery sand won't help you in this level. The crabs walk around waiting for you to just run them over making you lose control. There are 2 shortcuts I'm not going to mention.

Kalimari Desert


Going through the train tunnel might be fun and dangerous, but it is useless because of the fence.

The only obstacles in this level are the train and the narrow road. If you get hit by the train you will lose a bunch of time


Flower Cup




Toad's Turnpike

When you have the star, you can run through cars!

Well, this level is a bit confusing when it comes to getting used to it. When there is traffic in front of you ride along the rail; there's usually more room that way.

Frappe Snowland


Uh, this level is hard. The wide turns make for great power sliding, but if you don't you might just slip. The snowmen along the side of the road are just waiting for you to slip and crash into them causing you to lose precious time.

Choco Mountain


Watch out for falling rocks as you race up narrow mountain paths in Choco Mountain. Don't get to close to the wall or the edge. You can force your opponents against the wall causing them to slow down when they hit it.

Mario Raceway

In the second curve of the 3rd S-turn, use a mushroom across the sand for an extra boost.

AT first this track looks easy, but that's not the story. There are short turns and the narrow road; power sliding will help you greatly in this level.


Star Cup




Wario's Stadium

For a 30-second skip, on the bumps just after the starting line, do a 90-degree turn into the wall and jump.

This is the bumpiest level in the game, but that allows you to catch up to the leaders. It is extremely long. When someone is over that big jump, activate a lightning bolt and that person will have to repeat part of the course.

Sherbet Land

Other than hopping corners of the lake, there's not much.

This level is like Frappe Snowland except instead of non-moving snowmen, you have moving penguins. Watch out for the penguins! That's all I have to say.

Royal Raceway

On the big jump before the castle, I have heard that you can hit hard left and jump off, hitting the water. Latiku will take you to right before the start line. I've never done it, though. Tell me if you can!

What the princess wants, the princess gets! She's got a full kart racecourse out in the front of her castle; complete with a super jump that'll make you lose your lunch! Well anyway, the narrow turns in this are like Mario Speedway. When you come along the booster arrows, keep straight, or else!

Bowser's Castle

Take the left side of the track just before the last turn, because the right side is a brick wall.

The last cup until you get to the Special Cup, too bad it's hard. The corners are almost all 90�. Go wide then cut the corners in this level, oh yeah! Watch out for the Thwomps.


Special Cup




D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

In the tunnel, start sliding up when you see the torches to cut short the track. Also, on the boost over the river, go a bit to the left for a big shortcut. Don't get too greedy!

Welcome to the obstacle land. The big obstacle in this level is jumping the river. No tips will be mentioned in this part.

Yoshi Valley

When the paths converge into a little windy part, there is a rail on the left. When it ends, you can see that your path bend slightly to the left. If you jump at that bend, you'll land on the other path, saving you around 3 seconds!

This is a mountain maze. Don't fall off, and try to find the right path to victory.

Banshee Boardwalk

In the ghost house, the second turn is around a post. Instead of winding around it, jump over the little crack on the other side.

 The right angles and lack of rails make this boardwalk hell. Fall off and you'll be wet and losing time.

Rainbow Road

At the very beginning, just as the ground falls away, hit a hard left and jump over the rail. Hit the brakes, holding left and pray that you hit the rainbow below! Don't go reverse, now!

The longest course in the game! The looping turns aren't the worst part, the chomps are, stay clear of them. I forgot to mention the colors don't make it easy either.

Ah, yes, the wondrous B button. Brakes. Who needs 'em, right? My rule is if you panic, hit that brake button. Slowing things down will probably save you from getting fried and taken back to last place, just because you thought you could slide it. Brakes are your friends. Don't get crazy about it though, in the 150cc class you probably get killed for going less than 100 miles per hour or something...

Quick Q/A

Q: My Mario Kart 64 box says it uses a memory pak. What is it for? Should I get one?

A: MK64 uses the memory pak (it slides in the bottom of your controller) to save "ghosts." Ghosts are your races in the time trials, which you can race against. It's like racing against your very best time. The only problem is, it is kind of rare that you would be able to save a ghost. If you do anything unusual, like blowing up, or falling off a cliff, or into the water, or anything exciting like that, a little box appears saying "This game cannot be saved as a ghost" or something. It does have some uses, though. Courses like Mario Raceway and Luigi Raceway aren't hazardous, and are great for ghosts. Its good practice to see your own laps from a third person perspective. P.S. One note about ghosts: On the tracks named after the players, e.g. Mario Raceway, a quick time in time trials will summon the Course Ghost, a ghost who runs perfect times! You don't need a memory pak to visit him.

Q: The box also says it can use up to 4 players. I don't have enough to buy three other controllers! Am I missing out big time?!

A: Playing against three or four players ROCKS! If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing. Imagine being up against three of your best friends, going head to head, and blowing each other away and laughing the whole time. If you don't get a chance to try it, don't sweat it. There are other things you can do with your MK64 pack. But really, you have to experience it to understand what I'm talking about.

Effective use of Lightning
On tracks with the BIG jumps, use lightning just before your opponents go over a jump and they will not be able to clear the water.

Speed Burst
As soon as the light turns blue, hit the gas and hold it. You should get a nice speed burst! Be careful, if you hold the button down too soon, you'll spin out instead!

Backward Tracks
Get a gold medal on all the 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc courses and you will get the credits. After you reset your machine, the title screen should have changed (the picture will be different.) Then, go into GP mode and you will notice a new option under 150cc. That's an option to race on the tracks backwards like in Wave Race 64!

Course Ghosts
Race the Time Trials and pick Luigi Raceway, Mario Raceway, or Royal Raceway. Then get a time better than the following:

Select Retry. It should say across the bottom NOW-MEET THE COURSE GHOST. You will then race against a ghost of Luigi, Mario, or Peach. These course ghosts are automatically saved to the cartridge.

You will need to understand the "Mini Turbo" to beat these times.

NBA Hangtime

Tonight's Matchup Buttons



Hold Left, Turbo (x 3)

Rooftop Court

Up, Turbo, Pass At Same Time

Big Heads

Up, Up, Pass, Turbo

Huge Heads

Rotate D-Pad Clockwise Starting With UP

Shot Percentage

Left, Left, Pass, Turbo

No Tag Arrow

Down, Down, Shoot, Turbo

No Drift

Hold Right, Pass, Pass

No CPU Assistance

Hold Right, Shoot, Turbo, Pass

ABA Ball


Tonight's Matchup Codes




Baby Mode


Tournament Mode


Fast Passing


Steal Turbo Bar


Max Speed


No Pushing


Unlimited Turbo


Hyper Speed


Max Blocking


Quick Hands


Max Power


No Goal Tending

Hidden Players



























































































































Shadows of the Empire

Sam and Max Challenge Point

This is a nifty challenge point. After exiting Mos Eisley, hook a tight left-hand turn. If done correctly, you'll enter into a little stone room and you'll see the floating silver, and ever so slightly demonic, head of Max, from LucasArt's classic The Adventures of Sam and Max.

Fly a Tie Fighter

After completing the Medium setting with all the challenge points, the code listed says that you can fly the Skyhook battle as an X-Wing. This is true, but there's more. As the X-Wing, hold the C down button for another five seconds, and you can fight as a TIE. Each successive C down cycles through the Outrider-X-Wing-TIE series.

Challenge Points

If you collect all the challenge points, you will get a reward. But the reward for each difficulty level is different. Here they are

Dead Man Walking...

After getting all the challenge points in Hard or Jedi, return to echo base. Use a disrupter when you get in the ship, and you will die, but the messages from Leebo still show. After a while, you will get up and be able to walk around, even though you have zero health!

Ice Skating

In Echo Base, go to the elevator where stage 1 ends but don't go in it. Stand right between the inside of the elevator and the hall, and jump. If you do it right, you will be stuck in the hovering position, and can float all through the hall. If you go in the elevator or out of the hall, though, it will stop.


Start a new game and enter _Credits as your name. This is SPACE, CAPITAL C, redits. Start any level to see the end credits for that difficulty level.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter


To see the credits of the fine folk who created this game, type in: FDTHMGS.

Spirit Mode

This should have been named Peyote mode, or Under the Influence Mode, due to the slow, hallucinatory movement of enemies and the strange hazy glow all about you. This is expecially cool to watch when you have have the Fusion Cannon. Essentially, Turok moves extremely fast in Spirit Mode while everything else moves very slow, and he is invincable during the short span it lasts.
Type in THSSLKSCL for Spirit Mode.

Pen and Ink Mode

A strange visual takes on Turok. This Mode enables gamers to play in black and white, where every detail and outline is rendered in sketch pad looking images -- black lines on white background. Try this with Disco mode!
Type in: DLKTDR

Infinite Ammo

This is for most people who just can't resist checking out the Chronoscepter (and all the others).

Infinite Lives

Enter this code and get an infinite amount of lives. You'll start off at the latest check point or save area, which ain't too bad.

Gallery Code

This is the code to get Gallery. This code enables gamers to see the entire list of semi-animated enemies from beginning to end. It's cool.
Type in: THBST.

Disco Mode

What can we say about the Disco Mode... Certainly less advantageous than, say, the Infinite lives or All Ammo codes, the nefarious Disco Mode does add a little spice to game much in need of a little Bee-Gees action.
Type in: SNFFRR

All Weapons

Get all of the weapons, including the final one, the Chronoscepter! Woo-hoo!