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The Hidden Page, Fool!

Well done, you've found the hidden page. Maybe I'll put something amazingly, mind-blowingly, pant-wettingly cool here in the future, you never know...

Ok, here's a cool glitch that I'm putting up here because it can seriously ruin people's lives playing Halo 2 online.

Game: Halo 2, Xbox

Discovered by: Devin Olsen and co. over at

Glitch: 'Dummying' (leading to: Become invisible and invincible in Halo 2 on Xbox Live, teleport instantly across maps, send vehicles flying like childrens toys, get hundreds of flag captures in seconds. What a list!)

Description: This glitch can be difficult to be set up in a real game, and that's probably a good thing since a) you'll ruin the game for everyone and b) you're likely to get your ass kicked off Xbox Live for a good while. So, it helps to only try this in custom games.

1. The first step is to determine who is the host in the game, this can be tough, so check out who has the least lag, and try the glitch with them, if it doesn't work, move on to the person with the next lowest lag and so on.

2. To do the glitch, make sure you are using the elite skin, as opposed to master chief. Then have the host get in the driver's seat of the warthog, then you get in the passenger seat. Hold X to get out of the hog, but just before you hop out start tapping B to melee, this should cancel your getting out of the hog, and to you it should look like you're still in the hog, but to everyone else it should look like you are stood on the ground, (it might be a good idea to do this in a concealed place since the version of you stood on the ground is still vulnerable to attack while you are doing the glitch) you are now dummied, let the games begin.

3. Get the hog driver to take you wherever you want and get out of the hog, now if you move you will teleport instantly back to where you dummied. If you attack the hog, or any other vehicle with the energy sword, it will go flying as though hit with a tremendous force. (by the way, if you want to walk around while dummied, just lunge at people as they walk by with the sword) Oh and by the way, your dummy will be INVISIBLE and INVINCIBLE to everyone, so get your driver you drop you off in the enemy's base and go on a sword rampage. Lovely stuff. Another strategy is to get dropped off by the flag, grab it, then move and you'll teleport back to where you dummied, hopefully near to your base, so you can quickly score. Good job.

4. The final glitch allows you to get hundreds of flag captures in seconds. First, you need to make sure that you only have a plasma pistol as your weapon. Now dummy, making sure that to everyone else it looks like you are standing on your flag, get your driver to take you to the enemy's flag, get out of the hog. Now you need to drop your weapons so you have none in your hands, to do this hold R to charge you plasma pistol, then press X to grab the flag, you should drop them both and end up holding nothing. Now, you should be stood on their flag spot with the other version of you stood on your flag pole. Now get someone to throw the enemy's flag at you. BOOM! You should start racking up hundreds of captures in mere seconds. This is because the game thinks you are in both positions at once, so you grab the flag automatically (since you have no weapons) and the game counts it as a score (because your other self is on the other flag spot) the flag then respawns instantly and you get another capture and so on.

Now, use your knowledge wisely.

Email me at with the subject line 'The hidden page, fool!' if you've found this page... So I can hide the link better.