SM64 Kellogg Trading Cards


In 1996, Kellogg's Cereal held a mail-offer giveaway where you could get a set of five SM64 cards. The cards have a 3D tilting effect on the front, and on the back they have gameplay advice.

Some of the cards contain incorrect information about the game, especially the Penguins card.

Very high-resolution scans of the cards can be downloaded here.


Front Back Card Description
Mario Controlling Mario
Use the control stick to move Mario in the direction you wish. Barely push the control stick to make Mario slowly tip-toe past sleeping enemies or push the control stick all the way in a direction to make him sprint. The A button allows Mario to jump while the B button lets Mario attack his enemies. Use a combination of jumping and attacking in the air to give enemies the boot!
Penguins Penguin Slide
When you return the young penguin to its mother, Mama Penguin will offer to race you down an icy slope. When you beat her, she'll give you a star for your efforts. If you find that Mama Penguin is too slippery for you to catch as you rush down the slopes, look for a line of coins that runs into a wall. Follow the line of coins straight into the wall to find a shortcut to the end of the race!
Big Boo Avoiding Big Boo
Big Boo loves to make life difficult for Mario, but his boo is worse than his bite! Boo will only attack if Mario isn't facing him. Lure Boo towards you by turning your back on him and holding the Z button. Just before Big Boo reaches Mario, press the A button to jump backwards. As you jump backwards, release the Z button and press it again to slam Big Boo. Repeat this pattern a few times to make this big ghost do a vanishing act!
Blocks Dodging the Blocks
You'll have to rely on timing to pass the bone-breaking Thwomps. Before making a mad dash past one of these bad boys, press the arrow buttons to find a viewing angle that allows you to see the Thwomps, as well as the area you are trying to reach. Start your sprint just as the Thwomp starts to rise from the ground and don't look back.
Bowser Beating Bowser
To defeat Bowser, Mario needs to use his speed to get behind the King of the Koopas. Run up to his tail and grab it by pressing the B button. Start rotating the control stick to spin Bowsrr faster and faster. When you have enough speed, let go of the tail while Bowser is facing one of the mines. If your aim is good, the results could be explosive!