Ethan Video Game Developement


This is my blog where I write about video games I program. The games are mostly in Python 2 and usually require the PyGame module to be installed. unless otherwise stated. I also occasionally do TI-89 BASIC programs and Atari 2600 games. I also try to do other stuff too sometimes.

In order to play the Python games, you will need to install Python 2 and (for most programs) PyGame. There is a pretty good installer for Windows that installs Python, PyGame, and some other modules that I occasionally use. It also as a side-effect downloads some other Python programs, because this installer goes along with a programming book called Hello World. You can delete those if you don't want them. You can download the installer by clicking this link.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to use the installer, or you use another operating system than Windows, you can download the stuff seperately. You can download PyGame here, and you can download Python here. (be sure to download Python 2 and not Python 3.)


Hey guys I'm back. Today I have a video game I made called Bad Cat Attack. It's about two of the cats I own. The sprites for the game are photos of the cats. Basically, you play as the calico cat, and you move up and down using the arrow keys to avoid all of the black cats. (In real life, the black cat is really grumpy). It's game over if you accidentally bump into the black cat.

The game is programmed to have music, but music files are pretty big, and it wouldn't be a good idea for me to host one online. (You can only put a certain amount of stuff on an online server). If you run the game on its own, it will have no music. But, if you take an .ogg sound file and name it "Rings_Track11.ogg" you can put it in the same folder as the game and it will have music.

Here is the download.


Hi. I'm going to post a couple games I made a while ago. (I was going to post three games, but the third has a background music thing that would be too big to host here.) They are all PyGame games this time. They are Bank Robbery and Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird is a copy of the mobile phone game. The controls aren't very good, looking back on it. You start the game by clicking on the screen, and flap the bird by pressing the space key. And since I am a dummy I forgot to reset the bird's Y coordinates when you start the game over, and there is not collision detection with the bottom of the screen or the top, so when you die the bird can show up below the screen or way above the screen. ): So it will need a little more work before it's a good game. If anybody messages me about it I will fix it though. Good game or not, you can download it here.

This next game, Bank Robbery, is better. You control a cannon, which has to move up and down on the left side of the screen to shoot the criminals who keep showing up to steal the money. They keep getting faster, so it starts out easy but gets harder. I drew all the sprites from scratch too. (: So... yeah. Here you go. You can download it here.

By the way, I am working on some bigger projects, like a Text Adventure game, and also a puzzle sort of game similar to Adventure on the Atari 2600. Also a Lemmings clone. It's all being done in Python using PyGame. I usually am lazy though, and it takes a huge amount of time for me to finish any big projects. If anybody cares, you can send me a message and ask for a demo I suppose. (see the "contact me" section on the main page). But don't be impatient.


Hi guys, a while ago I made this port of Flappy Port in TI-89 BASIC. It's not actually that good, but it's the best I can do given my very limited knowledge on TI-89 programming. Anyway, instead of a pipe, there are lines on the screen. Instead of a bird, there is a dot on the screen. Oh and it takes like 1.5 seconds for every frame to be drawn. But whatever, if you want to play it, here you go. Oh, also it saves high scores, and lets you put your name when you get a high score. You press 5 to make the bird flap, 8 to pause the game, and 2 to stop the game.


Since this blog is about games I program, I guess I'll write about some games I made. First is A-MAZE-ing QB. I made this a while ago. It's basically a pac-man clone. You play as QB, and you have to collect all the dots in the maze. It is different from Pac-Man in a few ways. First off, QB and the Ghosts are all just squares with a solid color. QB is yellow and the ghosts are red. Also, the game starts out with one ghost. Every level, there will be 1 extra ghost. Also different from Pac-Man is that the maze will change, with passageways getting blocked up and then unblocking themselves after a while. Also, instead of dying when hit by a ghost, you lose 1 health, out of 10 total. Your health goes up by 1 for every 20 or so pellets you collect. It's game over when you lose all health. You get a continue if your score was a high score. Enjoy! Here is the download.

Oh, and also I made one homebrew Atari 2600 video game. It's very simple. It's called Zombie Attack. You're on the left side of the screen, and you can move up and down with the joystick and you can shoot your gun with the button. This is actually a port of a Python game I developed, also called Zombie Attack, which I can upload here some other time. Here is the download for the Atari version. It should run in any Atari 2600 emulator.