Super Mario Infinity Official Site

The official site for Super Mario Infinity, a ROM hack of Super Mario Bros.

About Super Mario Infinity

Super Mario Infinity is a ROM hack of the original NES Super Mario Bros. that I am making. It is really hard. When released, it will feature entirely new levels, some new graphics, new color palettes, and pretty much whatever else I can fit in there by the time it is finished.

Here is the project thread for this hack.
Here is the Wordpress version of this site. So far, it is exactly the same as this site, but you can follow it. Maybe later I will add more features to the Wordpress version.


Alright, I've made the next level of Super Mario Infinity. Here's a preview of World 2-1.


I've finished World 3-4, so I'm about 3/8 of the way through making this hack. :D Plus I've made a fourth preview, showing World 1-4. It's a castle level! And here's the preview:

And just in case you don't watch that, here is a screenshot of the funny thing that happens when you complete a castle:


Added a new level! 11 done so far. :) Plus fixed a problem where in one level you could get stuck and have to wait for the time to run out before continuing. Also I used the patch which makes all the music be in minor.


Fixed some problems with the level design. (some parts were really bad if you started at the midpoint).


Started working on music hacking. This is a lot more complicated than all the other hacking stuff, but (if I do it right) it will make the hack a lot cooler. :) Unfortunately I haven't gotten anything good enough to make a video about, but I know I will be able to do it. The main problem will be coming up with good songs to hack in. :P


Added the Luigi patch. Now you can play as either Mario or Luigi. Luigi can jump higher, but slides farther.


I've made 10 levels so far. Plus I've created a brand new title screen, and given the player infinite lives. (Infinite lives will be better for playing through all the difficult levels.) Plus I've created a preview, showing off level 2.


I've made 9 levels so far. Changed some of the color palettes, graphics, etc. Plus I've made a preview, featuring the first level.