SM64 Program Downloads


Program Download Description
AlwaysOnTopMaker Download Forces a window to always be in the front.
Mupen64-rr Download The TAS Emulator. No description needed.
Skazzy's Mupen64-rr Repack V1 Download Version 1 of Skazzy3's repack of Mupen64-rr with additional plugins included.
Skazzy's Mupen64-rr Repack V2 Download Version 2 of Skazzy3's repack of Mupen64-rr with additional plugins included.
Skazzy's Mupen64-rr Repack V3 Download Version 3 of Skazzy3's repack of Mupen64-rr with additional plugins included.
Mupen64-rr PU Crash Version Download Modified version of Mupen64-rr created by Braden that crashes when you go to PUs.
STROOP Download Very useful SM64 diagnostic tool for viewing and modifying various game information.
MHS Download General-purpose memory viewing and hacking tool.
JoyToKey Download Allows you to map joystick buttons to keyboard keys.
HxD Download A hex editor.

ROM Hacking

Program Download Description
Toad's Tool 64 Download A buggy SM64 level editor with a few extra features.
Quad64 Download A better SM64 level editor.
SM64 Editor Download A SM64 level importer and more.
Seq64 Download A SM64 music sequencer.
HxD Download A good hex editor.
N64SoundListTool Download N64 audio sample replacer.
LemASM Download A hex editor with N64 ASM featires.
nemu64 Download A n64 emulator with debugging capabilities.
CajeASM Download A good n64 ASM tool.
N64Rip Download A n64 texture editor.
Texture64 Download A different n64 texture editor.
TileMolester Download Another texture editor (non-n64 specific).
Mario 64 Text Wrangler Download A Super Mario 64 Text Editor.
SM64 Text Manager Download A different, newer Super Mario 64 Text Editor.
ppf-o-matic Download A tool to apply .ppf patches.
PPFStudio Download A tool for creating .ppf patches.
Floating IPS (Flips) Download A very easy-to-use tool for creating and applying .bps patches.


Program Download Description
SM64 EEP Editor Download An old program for editing SM64 EEP save data.
Mario 64 Movie Maker Download Tool for modifying camera angles and switching animations; intended for making machinimas
Project64 1.7 Download Unofficial build of Project64, very buggy but has some new features.
Project64 1.6 Download The most stable version of Project64, the popular n64 emulator.
Project64 1.5 Download Version 1.5 of Project64.
Project64 1.4 Download Version 1.4 of Project64.
Project64 1.3 Download Version 1.3 of Project64.
Project64 1.2 Download Version 1.2 of Project64.
Project64 1.1 Download Version 1.1 of Project64.
Project64 1.0 Download Version 1.0 of Project64.
Project64 Tilt Download Modified version of Project64 1.7 that supports cartridge tilting simulation. Made by Shyguyhex.
Project64 2.4.0 64DD Support Download Build of Project64 that supports loading 64DD games.
SiteSucker Download Mac application, lets you download entire websites.